All about Once

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Take part in something extraordinary.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a maximum of 3 people, including a graphic artists and programmers that respect the following requirements:


• Optimum Swift language knowledge (3.0)

• Excellent knowledge of some COCOA TOUCH libraries including Foundation, UIKit and SpriteKit.

• Good level of physics and chemistry.

• Knowledge of English business level.

• Possession of a Mac updated to the latest version of the operating system (MacOS Sierra).

• Knowledge of Xcode Development Environment.

• Excellent graphics skills (in case of graphic role).

• At least 3 hours per day of time to devote to the projects.

• A way to think that matches with Once’s philosophy.


To submit a candidacy it’s enough to send an email to with a subject “Candidacy \(roleName) for Once”.