It is not only a new development team.

It is a revolutionary philosophy aimed at offering the highest quality games. To do this we set goals that no one else before us dared to ask. We designed everything with a clear idea: No annoying in-app purchases,

attractive graphics and user experience at the highest levels. This is the future of the games on the App Store.

In-app purchases? No thanks.

Browsing on the App Store in search of games, we really struggled to understand why most of them have adopted the wrong strategy as in-app purchases.

In this way, the software house have sacrificed the user experience, which is the most important part, in the name of profit. Games with great potential such as Angry Birds 2 and Clash of Clans, were ruined by the in-app purchases. We of Once have the courage to turn the page offering our users the highest quality games with no in-app purchase.

Pay once.

Play forever.

And update for free… that’s easy. Isn’t it?

How could we therefore offer maximum user experience to our players by removing in-app purchases and in our games? Simply setting a fixed introductory price. In this way our philosophy comes into contact with you: You pay once, play forever. The game is yours, and all future upgrades are free. New levels, characters and more they will be added already included in the price of launch. Is not it wonderful? In addition to this, we also develop a lots of free great games!


A fundamental building block.

For us the appearance counts. The design is the first impression that players have with our games and we want it to be love at first sight. All the games by Once are and will be built with attractive and colourful graphics, which gives a clear first sign of the quality of our games. Because we know that the word design is not just about appearance, but also expresses the concept of functionality.


Also in development.

Our philosophy of simplicity goes well beyond the visible side by the players: Our games are in fact developed using the best programming language in the world: Swift 4.0.

Designed by Apple, Swift is much more powerful, faster and effective than the old Objective-C, and guess what, it is also easier to learn! Developing by using Swift is a nice and smooth experience from which we can always offer games with the highest quality to our players.

A comparison won hands down.

The following image illustrates a code written in Objective-C (above) and Swift (below). Very different in appearance, the following codes are identical and then do the same thing.

It seems clear, therefore, why a group based on simplicity as Once have chosen to develop their own games in Swift.

Swift VS Objective-C.

A lightning against a snail.

It does not take a genius to figure it out: Swift is so quick to send in Objective-C board.

Consequently, the apps and games written in this language are much faster and effective.

All this speed and efficiency fits perfectly with the Once’s philosophy.

Once is the future, and the future for us must be better than the past.

That’s why we chose Swift.